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SharpShooter Dashboards 7.0.1


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SharpShooter Dashboards
Business decisions depend on the manner in which information is represented. The most optimal solution to this problem is data visualization. Perpetuum Software LLC offers a package of components called SharpShooter Dashboards.

This product is developed for the .NET framework 4.0 and includes gauges and charting components. The use of SharpShooter Dashboards package allows the creation of hardware emulators, dashboards, KPI and visually appealing graphs and charts. SharpShooter Dashboards contains Dashboard Web Viewer and Win Viewer which allow the developers to view digital dashboards in the Win Forms and ASP.NET applications.

Gauges and charting components provide an interconnected framework with unified design time and runtime customization facilities, common data management and appearance customization methods. Identical designers allow the creation of gauges and charts having a unique appearance and functionality with just a few mouse clicks.

Instrumentation and charting components architecture allows the assignment of the interactive objects behavior without coding. The easy-to-use intuitive interface doesn't require any special programming knowledge.

The components contain rich libraries of ready-made controls, standard elements and a set of available series types. The user can create controls or charts from scratch if necessary. SharpShooter Dashboards is fully compatible with the .NET framework 4.0, contains only managed code and is easily integrated into MS Visual Studio. The ample capabilities in the data visualization sphere enable you to quickly and easily display the necessary multidimensional data.
Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista
SharpShooter Dashboards
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Author: Perpetuum Software
License: Shareware
Price: $665
File Size: 38.6 MB
Downloads: 145

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